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Saying goodbye to the light nights and warm days can make some people feel pretty low in energy, so we’re here to try and help you and your skin embrace the early sunsets and chilly mornings. Our team has handpicked a handful of products to help you through this season along with 3 super important tips to keep your skin glowing this autumn…

1. Make sure that with seasonal change, you’re looking out for any changes in your skin. Although your skin stays the same, sometimes your skin type can change slightly. If you find this happens to you, you may need to change your skincare products to fit with your skin type during certain months.

2. You may not know, but the skin on your hands doesn’t produce the same amount of natural oils as the rest of your body, and because of this your hands are much more prone to dryness, especially in colder weather. So, remember to pamper your hands throughout the colder months!

3. Stick to wearing SPF! You may think that because the sun is gone, you can ditch the suncream, but we are begging you not to! UV rays can still cause harm to your skin, even on the chillier, darker days.

Check out our ‘Skincare Essentials for Autumn’ blog to find out how these products can help you this season…

Here’s what our team have to say about Autumn time skincare

Sophie: My pick this season is our Soothing Skin Cream. Although this is a product I use all year round, I tend to get the worst eczema flare ups in the colder months rather than the warmer. This cream is even used on my lips when I feel like a lip balm just isn’t really cutting it for me. After a year of using this cream, I’m just about to crack open a new jar so this product is definitely worth a try!

Beth: It’s autumn already?!? The product I am choosing as my top pick is the Green Clay Face Mask which specifically targets oily skin (like mine). Whilst I have been keen to use it in the summer to reduce my oiliness, I think it’s great for autumn too. For me, autumn is all about cosy nights, candles, and a good bit of self care. The clay face masks are perfect for helping to achieve that relaxed vibe.

Dorrie: I am so not ready for summer to be over! I get super cold as soon as the autmn months start to draw in. I’ve always had reasonably dry skin on my legs and as such my pick for this season is Vanilla Body Butter. It’s super thick but has fast absorption so you’re not hanging about waiting for it to sink in! Plus, it smells amazing.