Some of you may remember that back in March 2012 Hugo and I went over to Seoul in South Korea to exhibit at the British Lifestyle Products Showcase held at the UK Ambassador’s Residence. During our visit we met with a number of companies with a view to securing a distributor for both Sweet Cecily’s and also our apiceuticals brand, BeeVital.

Fast forward three years and we are so pleased to say that we have been working hard with a great company in Seoul who have become our trusted Korean counterparts. We sent our first Sweet Cecily’s shipment just before Christmas, in the meantime they have been working tirelessly to build a website and market the products within their own country. This week saw them exhibit at the same showcase that we met at in 2012 and they have kindly sent over a great selection of images from the day.

British Lifestyle Showcase Seoul

Local press covering the event


Mr Jo – the man in charge



A great Spring display of our products


Information leaflet

As with our UK market, the plan is to work closely with beauty bloggers to get as much exposure in this new area, as a result of this you will start seeing various Korean phrases and hashtags popping up on our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

For example:

#스윗세실리 #스킨케어 #코스메틱 #화장품 #뷰티 #뷰스타그램 #달콤

Which translates as:

#sweetcecilys #skincare #cosmetic #cosmetic #beauty #beaustagram #sweet

And to welcome visitors to our new Korean website:

영국에서 온 자연주의 스킨케어 브랜드 “스윗세실리”가 한국에 도착했습니다!

지금에 접속해 #스윗세실리 오픈 이벤트를 확인해 보세요!

It is such an amazing feeling to see our products reaching a whole new market of people, we believe this is the beginning of a bright and successful partnership.

With Love,

Cecily x