First of all let me wish all of my customers, suppliers, friends and family a very merry christmas and peaceful new year. 2012 has been a huge year for not only Sweet Cecily’s but many people involved in it and around me, some big challenges have been faced, some overcome, some still there to be beaten, and I am sure that 2013 will continue to bring fresh ones. In business terms, the 6th of December saw this website mark it’s one year anniversary. I had great plans for doing something special and running some offers online, but the reality was we were all working round the clock making products and getting orders despatched. We were totally overwhelmed with the sudden influx of christmas sales and really had to up our game to keep on top of things. Thanks to Angela who works in the office, Hugo my brother and colleague and little sister Dorrie (dragged in to help) we kept up and hopefully gave a consistent and professional service.

As I write this on our last day in the office until January, I am both well and truly ready for a rest, but also raring to get going again in the New Year with some new product developments and also working towards our launch in South east Asia.

With Love,

Cecily x