After a week off work with what can only be described as a virus that makes you feel more tired than you could imagine feeling, I ended up having a very exciting Sunday.

I was woken up to a cooked breakfast with mum, brother and boyfriend and was starting to feel human again. In addition to this was my favourite sunday morning combination of coffee (first in a week!) and reading the papers. First up was the magazine from the Observer, and on my favourite “Lush List” page, where I pore over all the beautiful and shiny things, was a pic of our Sweet Cecily’s Walnut and Citrus Body Scrub!

Thank you to everyone who helped get us this far, it really is amazing what is achievable if everyone gets involved and believes in a project. Every day I am surprised and inspired by such support and encouragement.

With Love,

Cecily x


I also learnt how to knit socks (with what I am calling “ventilation holes” on the sides)