Fresh Faced Gift Box

£ 25.00

Our Fresh Faced Gift Box is the perfect gift if you are wanting to tailor the products to suit your skin type – or the skin type of the recipient! Containing 3 all natural products, you can rest assure that yours or the recipients face will be left feeling seriously cared for.

First choose your face mask:

Red clay for normal skin
Pink clay for sensitive
Green clay for oily skin

Next choose a toner:

Rose water for all skin types
Witch hazel for troublesome skin

And finally:

Almond & Avocado face cream which is suitable for all skin types.

To find out more, click on each product.

Personalise your Gift Box

We want our gifts to be as unique as possible, so to make it just that bit more special, you can even personalise the label on the outer box, simply enter the name you want in the personalisation box below and we’ll print it out for you! If you don’t wish to personalise it, just leave it as it is.


The Fresh Faced Gift Box contents (How to apply)

Face Mask –

Start by measuring out 2 teaspoons of the powder, adding it to a clean tub or container. Add an equal amount of water and mix the ingredients together until they form a paste. Apply to your face using your fingertips (or a face mask brush if you have one) and leave to dry for between 5 and 10 minutes. Once the mask has set, rinse off with warm water and a cloth.

Toner –

Spray the toner of choice onto a cotton wool pad, dampening it slightly then, gently sweep across your face and neck, never scrubbing. Allow the toner to soak into your skin and wait a few minutes for it to dry before moisturising.

Use morning and night to give you an instantly refreshing glow.

Almond and Avocado Face Cream

We recommend starting with a parabens free cleanser before gently patting your face dry with a soft towel. Apply a dot of our face cream to your forehead, nose, both cheeks and chin. Massage in circular motions until the cream is fully absorbed into your skin. Be mindful of areas on your face where the skin is thin, such as around the eyes.


Avoid contact with eyes.

We recommend you compete a patch test for each product in the Fresh Faced Gift Box before use.

Once you have used up each product, rinse our and recycle the container.

If you wish to see individual ingredients, these are available on the individual products which are all available on this site.


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