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Summer has officially started and we’re living for it. So, pack away your jumpers, throw on your best shorts/sandals combination and make the most of what has to be the best time of the year. Grab your fave pair of sunnies and we’ll keep you up to date with some important summer tips…

  • As well as making sure your lips are hydrated, remember your products need a little TLC too! Our lip balms are made with only natural ingredients so may melt when they are kept in heat – if this does happen, pop it somewhere cool and it will solidify again!
  • It’s super important to keep yourself physically hydrated by drinking 2 to 4 litres a day, but water can also help you keep cool by simply splashing your face frequently if you find that the heat is starting to get to you.
  • Keep your skin glowing this Summer by getting your shower routine down to a T. Start off by washing away those dead skin cells with our Citrus & Walnut Body Scrub, then dry yourself off before applying one of our rich Body Butters. 


Don’t forget the most important tip of them all…apply suncream every 2 hours.

Now, let’s get summer ready with our summer skincare essentials!

    Here’s what our team have to say about Summer time skincare

    Sophie: My Summer pick is our Coconut Body Butter. I typically have dry skin throughout the year but,  in the summer months I have felt like my skin looks a little bit too dry to be seen – which is simply a ridiculous thought for me to have! However, this body butter has helped to minimise my dry skin. Not only is coconut my favourite scent, the thick, luxurious texture of the body butter leaves my skin feeling so cared for and hydrated, to the point that in the first time ever, I’m looking forward to getting my shorts on! 

    Beth: Like in the springtime, I try to achieve a glowy complexion with a good skincare routine rather than a full face of makeup. At the moment, there’s nothing I love more on an evening than giving my skin some TLC! This is where my current summer skincare essential comes in…the Sea Buckthorn & Frankincense Night Cream. Although my skin is typically oily, the summer months can see certain areas of my skin drying out and so a night time moisturiser is important. The lightweight texture of the cream leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated in the evening and refreshed the next morning.

    Dorrie: As a person with, shall we say, a paler complexion, summer is tricky for me! It’s a bit of a love hate relationship. What I really struggle with though is keeping hydrated! Every kind of motivational container for water, you can be sure I’ve bought it, but do I manage to drink enough? Absolutely not! I think because I am often not hydrated enough, my lips will get quite dry and sore, especially in the summer when I’m already losing hydration by sweating. I always keep a lip balm on me during summer and of course it’s one of ours (it would be a bit wrong if I didn’t use our own products!) My absolute favourite is the Cosmopolitan lip balm because it just feels so fresh! It contains Orange and Lime essential oil which just packs a real fruity punch that hits the spot for those summer vibes.