I was thinking this week about how this whole project would not have been possible without so many people getting involved and being supportive both physically and mentally. It reminded me of a blanket I knitted a couple of winters ago for a friend’s baby.

I had set myself quite a big challenge of making this patchwork blanket and was struggling to get it finished in time, during this time we were hit with massive snowfall and living rurally we became trapped in the village!

Everyone got involved (even those who had never knitted) and began the job of knitting a square each. There was one moment in the kitchen when there were 6 or 7 of us all round the fire knitting away and I suddenly realised that this blanket was going to be so much more meaningful than if I had done it all by myself.

This is echoed in the realisation of Sweet Cecily’s as a ‘real’ business, it simply would not have the same momentum and energy if I had tackled it single handedly.

Love, Cecily xx