Pretty soon I (Beth) will be heading to the lovely little resort of Marmaris where I will be enjoying the sun, sea, and self-care it has to offer. But before I go, I thought I would share with you some of the traditional skincare treatments that I think are essential for giving you a holiday glow.

There are two treatments that I would say you need to try when in turkey. They are the Traditional Turkish Baths and Turkish Mud Baths.

Traditional Skincare Treatment 1 – Turkish Baths

This for me is an essential skincare treatment that should be tried on the first day of the Holiday. Not the second or third but the very first day you get there! I will get to why this is so important very shortly…

Whilst many people may think that this traditional treatment is essentially just a massage, it is much more than that. Hammam Bath (aka Turkish Baths) is a form of TLC that dates all the way back to ancient times. In fact, it is said to be the oldest ritual when it comes to whole body cleansing in the world. This treatment will leave your whole body feeling relaxed, refreshed, and rejuvenated.

The Process

When you think of the word bath, a tub filled with bubbles might come to mind. But I would say a Turkish Bath is 10 times better than that. It’s not just about a bath, it’s everything that comes before and after it too! One thing I would say is that this treatment can be testing of your mentality at times but trust me it’s worth it.

Here is exactly what you can look forward to if you ever treat yourself to one…

Steam Rooms

Every Turkish bath starts in a steam room just like the ones you usually find at a spa or leisure centre. Usually, the room will have a certain smell to it, and this is the oils which are added into the steam system. The most popular essential oil is Eucalyptus, which is seriously relaxing.

This phase usually lasts around 15 minutes and is the start of the relaxation process. As well as taking your mind and body to a calm state, the hot steam prepares your skin for the treatment. As the temperature rises, your body’s first reaction will be to start sweating and as a result, your skin will become much softer. This then helps to make it easier for your skin to be exfoliated.

Full Body Cleanse

Traditional Turkish baths

Once you have spent the allotted time in the steam room, you will be moved to one of the heated stone tables. Here you will be cleansed from head to toe and by cleansed, I mean scrubbed within an inch of your life. If you are someone who dislikes harsh exfoliation, then this treatment is not for you!

The masseuse scrubs your body for around 10 minutes, using a traditional Kese Mitt Glove. This abrasive mitt will get rid of every last dead skin cell on your body so that new and healthy cells can come through.

Once you get past this stage, it’s serious R&R from then on. You can expect to be covered from top to bottom in foamy bubbles. Using a cotton cloth which resembles something of a pillowcase, the masseuse will spread a natural foamy soap all over your body. Once covered, it will be rinsed away with water. This phase is essentially a whole-body cleanse, ensuring that none of the scrubbed off skin is still stuck to you.

Finally, you will be offered a shower (usually a cold one) where you can cool down and recover from the experience.

As I mentioned earlier, it is recommended to have a Turkish Bath on the first day of your holiday to prepare your skin for spending time in the sun.

The Benefits

Having a Turkish bath at the start of your holiday can be beneficial for you in many ways.

  • The overall process can help to reduce stress and help you feel relaxed
  • Removing any dead skin cells will help to minimise skin peeling off
  • Blood flow will be increased which will help to pass round more oxygen and nutrients leaving your skin looking and feeling healthier
  • The increased blood flow also helps to flush out toxins
  • You may experience an ease in muscle tension due to the massage

Traditional Skincare Treatment 2 – Mud Baths

If you’re not afraid of getting a little messy then I would recommend a mud bath. Often one of the more popular excursions for tourists, mud baths are fun and great for your skin too. Like the traditional skincare treatment of the Turkish baths, this is an experience in itself.

It is usually part of a day trip which stops off at various points before it reaches the actual mud baths. If you can get past the sulphur smell (which is pretty strong), then your skin will be left feeling great. This treatment also gets the name of Beauty bath and is said to have been used by Egyptian queen Cleopatra.

The Process 

When you get to the mud bath, you will head straight to the mud, so be prepared to get messy as soon as you arrive. The area is filled with natural mud which is high in sulphur (hence the smell). Don’t be surprised if it stinks because that is all the natural gases in the mud.

Cover in Mud

For the ultimate experience, you are encouraged to slather the mud all over your body including your face however, avoiding your eyes.

Once your whole body is coated in the mud, it’s then time to soak up the sun, so make sure you have applied sun cream before you go! As the time goes by, the mud will start to dry on your skin. For those of you who have experienced a clay face mask before, the tightening of the skin will be nothing new. However, if it’s your first time trying something like this, it may feel strange. But don’t worry, this is completely normal.

Rinse Off

When the mud has completely dried to your skin, it will be time to rinse it all off. Like I mentioned previously, the mud baths are a whole experience so it’s not just a quick rinse in the shower. To get the mud off you start in a cold shower. It is a shock to the system at first as it is soooo cold, but it is refreshing at the same time.

Hot Springs

After you have removed all the mud from your body and you are fully clean, you can enter the lovely and warm thermal pool (Aka hot springs). Trust me, when you’ve just experienced a freezing cold shower, entering the hot springs which is around 39 degrees feels so nice. You can spend some time there, relaxing and enjoying the benefits that the radioactive gases in this pool have to offer.

The Benefits 


Travelling away is all about trying new things, tasting local cuisine, beverages and of course, experiencing traditional skincare treatments that are out there. I would recommend making the most out of your time away by testing out what the local amenities have to offer. Most importantly, don’t forget to have a great time, and enjoy giving your skin some TLC.