Hello and welcome to our brand new website. We’ve added some really great new features, so let me give you a quick tour…

As existing Sweet Cecily’s customers and colleagues will know, we want to make our journey something that everyone can get involved in and feel a part of. This began in the very beginning by asking people to suggest what products they wanted us to create. We extended this ethos of involvement further into help with design, promotion and even mucking in with labelling lip balms or selling at shows! We believe in the power of community and our motto is, the more the merrier!

From listening to feedback from customers and friends, we began to feel as though the website wasn’t doing the best job it could do. So we asked around for a good local web developer and we were referred by our graphic designer to GeekPoint. I met with Sam back in May¬† and we had a good chat about what we wanted to achieve and he set about making a start. As is often the case, the brief developed somewhat along the way as we quickly realised there was LOTS we wanted to achieve. He was extremely patient, flexible and totally got what I was on about and the end result is something we are all really proud of. So I wanted to take this chance to say a big thank you to GeekPoint for their great job!

So back to the site and what’s new……

Following on from the success of our Make Your Own lip balm kits, we decided to branch out into other areas of DIY skincare. We have now launched a make your own face mask and make your own body scrub kit. They all follow the same principle – all pre measured ingredients, simple instructions and lovely packaging for your finished projects. The best part about all of these is that you can personalise your own label on the kit… Check out our pages to see how it works…

Sticking with the theme of personalisation, you can now fully design your very own lip balm labels! We wanted to give you the opportunity to get as creative as you want, so not only can you add text or choose preset themes, you can even upload your own pictures too. These make great little presents or wedding favours, or why not buy them as Christmas gifts for colleagues or staff?

We would love to hear what you think about our new features, or ideas for what you want to see next!

Right, I’m off to go and order everyone elf hats to get in the festive spirit (yes, it is only October, but running this business has forced me into being prepared!)